Glycolic Acid For Keratosis Pilaris

by Skin SOS on April 20, 2012

Keratosis pilaris is usually associated with accumulation of keratin on the skin. When you allow your skin to be excessively exposed to the UV ray from the sun, you stand a great chance of having the skin condition. Do not forget about the depleted state of the ozone layer, which protect life on earth from the scorching effect of the sun, this factor seems to responsible for the common nature of keratosis pilaris in today’s world.  Up to 40% of adults all over the United States are affected by the skin condition. It is however possible that there are still many more unreported cases of the skin condition.

Simple treatment method

Several methods are available for the treatment of this skin condition. The treatment methods work by removing the accumulated keratin from your skin and giving you your normal skin texture back. Many of the treatment methods for the skin condition can be carried out at home and you will never need to waste your hard earned money on any medical treatment.  The home remedies have even been found to be more helpful in comparison with medical treatment. Have you ever tried using glycolic acid on your keratosis pilaris before? This solution had been discovered to be very helpful in putting things under control.

Simple preparation

It is very easy to obtain your glycolic acid over the counter. The solution is usually made available in its purely concentrated form. It is now left for you to get it appropriately diluted before you apply it on your skin condition. The dilution should reduce the concentration to about 15%. Anything higher than this may lead to some uncomfortable outcome on your skin. You do not need any expert to get things diluted for you; you can always get it done simply by yourself right in your room.

How to apply

After the dilution as described above, dip a cotton ball into the solution and rub the now wet cotton ball all over the skin condition. This will help to prevent the diluted solution of glycolic acid from touching other parts of the skin, which may lead to some burning sensation on these other parts.


This method is very helpful in treating keratosis pilaris. But it is important to consistently apply it so as to bring about the desired solution on time.  Applying it up to three times in a day will help to quicken its removal.

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