Keratosis Pilaris Natural Treatment

by Skin SOS on April 23, 2012

Keratosis is an autosomal dominant condition. It is very common around. It is a genetic follicular skin condition that can affect both the male and the female. The number of Americans bearing the skin condition around the place is on the increase. Every part of the world also bears witness to this skin condition.  No one can say categorically what is responsible for this skin condition. The skin condition appears like rough bumps on the skin and it can come up in different forms. There is also no particular age that can be said to more predispose to this skin condition. It is usually associated with excessive production of keratin on the skin. In order to avoid the thing getting infected, it is always better to get rid of it when it comes up newly.

Try glycolic acid solution

You can always depend on this solution to get rid of your keratosis pilaris. The solution needs to be prepared in a specially diluted way so as to avoid the acid from having any burning effect on the skin. You need to get the acid diluted to a concentration of 15%.  Dip a cotton ball into the diluted solution and dab the wet cotton ball on the keratosis. With consistent application, the keratosis will be removed from your skin a matter of days. Consistent application of the solution will go a long way in quickening the rate at which the keratosis pilaris is removed from your skin.

Hydrogen peroxide can also help

Application of this solution brings about some burning sensation on the skin condition and this will make the keratosis pilaris to shrink. A shrunken keratosis pilaris is as good as dead. The blood supply to the keratosis from the skin will get blocked and this will quicken the death of the keratosis pilaris. With consistent application of the solution, you can be sure of its complete removal in a matter of days. It is important to avoid the skin around the keratosis pilaris while applying the hydrogen peroxide. A diluted hydrogen peroxide solution too can be of great help in removing the skin condition. It is better to use a 30% concentrated hydrogen peroxide.


It had been discovered that the home removal methods for keratosis pilaris described above do not leave any scar on your skin after you must have removed the skin condition. Surgical removal may not even be able to perform as perfectly as the methods above.


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