Keratosis Pilaris & Vaseline

by Skin SOS on April 8, 2012

Keratosis pilaris is common among the adolescent and the adults. About 65% of adolescent through out the world’s population are having it. Up to 40% of adults all over the world are also having the skin condition. It is rarely found on those who are younger in age. This is enough to give an indication into how very common the skin condition is. Keratosis pilaris is due to the accumulation of keratin on the outer surface of the skin. It is not painful in the least and it does not have any negative health impact. You can therefore leave it alone on your skin. But if you are bothered about the cosmetic implications it can have on your skin, you can simply get rid of it so as to give your skin its fresh and normal look. There are different methods that can be used in treating this skin condition. Vaseline is one of the methods used all over the place.

Vaseline; the better choice

Several lotions had been used in treating keratosis pilaris over time. But it had been discovered that many of the lotions do not work on the skin condition. Instead of making things bet better, they only succeed in worsening the situation with the skin condition. Because of this, you should be very careful about the product you use in treating your keratosis pilaris.

Vaseline lotion is however in a different world entirely. It had been discovered to be the best product you can ever use to treat your keratosis pilaris very effectively. It contains AHA and any product containing AHA can always be relied upon for treating the skin condition.

Consistent application

It is true that the Vaseline product can be very helpful in treating this skin condition. But it is also true that the product will not work like magic. You need to carry out its application consistently before you can ever hope to get a positive response from it. It may be better to apply the Vaseline product for up to twice in a day. This can bring the needed result in a matter of days and the accumulated keratin will be digested, leaving your skin as fresh as it had been in the past.


Before you carry out the application of the Vaseline product on your keratosis pilaris, you will do well to wash the surface of the skin. This will improve the healing action of the Vaseline.

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