Prevention of Keratosis Pilaris

by Skin SOS on April 1, 2012

Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition characterized by dryness. It is pretty irritating hence the need to avoid it. This can be achieved via proper means of preventing it. It is true that there is no specific way to control or prevent keratosis pilaris. However, with proper care of the skin you are able to keep keratosis pilaris at bay. For instance, it is important to do proper choice of skin cosmetics. It is a fact that there are so many companies producing skin creams and lotions among other things.

However, not all companies produce safe skin products. There are those companies that do not meet the health standards as prescribed by health authorities. Even though such companies have been banned, they have proven elusive to law enforcers and still supply dangerous products on markets. Their main goal is to rake in money at the expense of the health of people. Therefore, it is important to do proper research prior to purchasing any product for your skin.

Among the means to research is use of the internet. Here, you are simply required to visit the websites of companies offering these products. Go through the prices and the quality descriptions of the products. Above all, read through the reviews and comments made about the products hence ascertain the reputation of such products. This will enable you know the good and bad products. Alternatively, you can talk to friends who have had an experience with cosmetics. By so doing, you will know the names of both good and bad cosmetics hence make an informed choice. In addition, you will stand a chance of knowing the minor things that must be adhered to while using cosmetics.

Apart from proper selection of cosmetics, you can prevent keratosis pilaris by ensuring that your skin is kept moist at all times. This is quite crucial as moisture cover on the skin prevents evaporation of water from the skin. You can buy chemicals or creams that help keep the skin moist. Apart from that, use warm rather than hot water while showering. Also, keep the bathing time very shot to prevent washing away skin oils that keep the skin moist.

In conclusion, you have to be the master of your health. Avoid activities and skin creams that may compromise the health of your skin. Be wise as prevention is better than cure.

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